What to do to be a Good Parent

It feels as the best gift ever to be a parent, it always has been the most special and precious feeling that you have or you are going to have a chil

 It feels as the best gift ever to be a parent, it always has been the most special and precious feeling that you have or you are going to have a child. You begin to love nature when you get this best gift of nature. With love, care, affection and other emotions you also start feeling your responsibilities to be a good parent for your child, you start thinking about how you will provide good environment for your child where he/she will feel comfortable, become confident, independent and good citizen? There are so many other things that occur in one's mind as a parent.

What to do to be a Good Parent

What to do to be a Good Parent

When you are blessed with child, at every step you must know how to deal your child. You must remember some points for ever to be a good parent before doing anything else are:

Express your love for your child, whether the child is a toddler, teen or young. Hug them every day.

Don't impose your interests on them, let them be what they want to be. Don't ask them to do like others.

Appreciate them for every task, if they fail any task tell them how to learn from that failure.

Environment for your Child
What to do to be a Good Parent

As a good parent you must know what type of environment does a child need to be a good person. Make sure that you provide loving environment to your child. A loving environment can be created by doing things like:


Give plenty of affection to your child, make them feel that how much special they are for you. You can make them feel so by creating a strong emotional and physical bond. Cuddle, kiss or hug them and tell them that you love them.

Let them be What they Want to be: 

Don't try to impose what you want your child to be in his/her life. Let them choose what they want to be in life, help them to choose their field and make them believe that you are always there for them and you will always love them.

Spend Time with your Child:

Don't think that providing more toys and accessories will be enough to be a good parent. Spend quality time with your child to make your child feel special.


Appreciate your child at every good experience. Your appreciation will develop confidence in child's personality.

Don't give negative remarks when your child fails to accomplish any task, instead tell him/her what they can learn from that failure and how to deal with the mistakes they made while doing their task.


Don't ever compare your child with other siblings or fellows, this can bring anger and other negativities into your child's personality. Every individual has been gifted with different qualities by Allah.

Listen to your Child:

Be a friend of your child and listen to them attentively. This will help you know about your child's interests and activities.

If you have More than One Child:

Give equal attention and time to every child if you have more than one child by engaging into different activities with them.

Child's Privacy:

Make your children feel confident that nobody will disturb their privacy, as no one will get into their bedroom without permission, no one will see what they have in their drawers and no one will read their private diaries or use their gadgets like laptop or phone.

Be Always there at Special Moments:

Try to be always there for your child whenever they are going to experience some special happening in their life. As you should celebrate their special moments with them.

Discipline for you Child
What to do to be a Good Parent

You should be careful about the discipline for your child, you can get help from these points:

Reasonable Rules:

When you are going to set any rules for your child, you must set that rules by keeping in mind the age, temper, intellect and mannerism of your child. Set reasonable rules, that will not disturb your child to work up on.

Don't set too harsh rules and punishment, this can make your child rebellious.


If you set any rule, don't break it. Be consistent to the rules that you have set, this will make the child responsible.

Don't be Harsh:

If you get angry at your child, try not to be too harsh to child. If you had been harsh, love and pamper your child and try to control your temper in future. Don't ever use your hands to teach kids.

Relation with your Partner:

When you and your partner are together with your children, let your children know that both of you love and care for each other. This will make the children feel to have a happy family.

Schedule Making:

Make a schedule for your daily routine, as the morning breakfast time, lunch time, activity time, school time, bedtime and all other routines. This will make your child disciplined and regular.

Child's Mistakes:

Don't make your child feel useless at his/her mistakes. Tell them that their mistakes are wrong don't make them feel that they themselves are wrong.

Character Building
What to do to be a Good Parent

To be able to build the character of your child as a good person, remember to do:


Make your child feel independent, as they can take responsibility to make choices and accept their differences from others and others differences from them. And they can choose their field according to their abilities.

Role Model:

You are the first role model for your child, your child learns from what you do more than what you say. So, try to be good in whatever field you are, good and polite at home, responsible at your work place.


Teach good manners to your child, as to to say Greetings, Thanks, Sorry and Please. You can teach them these manners by practicing these manners yourself.


Teach your children that how much a healthy lifestyle important for them. 

Make them to go for physical activities and play games instead of scrolling on mobile all the time. 

Make them eat healthy food.

Teenage and Adults
What to do to be a Good Parent

If you are a parent of teenage or adults then you must know about to handle child at these stages of life. You must do things as follows:


You must start talking to your teenage or adult children about serious topics. As their responsibilities, that they should not try to drive, smoking or drinking when they are not eligible for these things. Tell them to take care of the social and government rules.

Sex Education:

At this age children get to have many question about sex related topics. Be friendly with them and guide them in a good way with responsibility and much care so that they don't lose the right way.

Love your Child:

At this stage of life a child needs more affection and love, be there for your child always at this growing up stage of your child's life. If you will love them and care them, they will be saved from losing their right directions.

So, we have shared about different areas that are needed to be taken with responsibility as a good parent to help you to be a good parent for your child. Hope this read would be of help for you.