Hide Outdoor Pipes of your Home

To build a home of your dreams, is an awesome experience. Many people serve their whole lives to collect to build their dream house. If you are the o

 To build a home of your dreams, is an awesome experience. Many people serve their whole lives to collect to build their dream house. If you are the one who has built the home of your dreams, then you are a lucky person. But, what is disturbing you? 

Hide Outdoor Pipes of your Home

Hide Outdoor Pipes of your Home

Is it about outdoor pipes that you are worried for? Many beautifully built homes and other buildings have outdoor pipes for different purposes like water supply and other things. These outdoor pipes look very strange. Now, you have no need to worry about these pipes, we are going to share different ideas with you that you can apply to hide these ugly looking outdoor pipes.

Paint the Pipes
Hide Outdoor Pipes of your Home

  • The 1st and easiest thing that you can do to hide the outdoor pipes of your home is to paint the pipes. You must keep in mind some points to paint the pipes, that are as follows:
  • Choose the paint color that is matching with the outdoor walls color to hide the pipes. Or, you may also select some other color that will compliment the wall color. But same color will hide the pipes better.
  • Choose between spray paint and roll-on paint according to your suitability, as which type of paint will be applicable to the outdoor pipes of your home. As spray spreads around but takes less time, and roll-on paint needs more time to apply but its application can be controlled.
  • Cover the surrounding area of the pipes before you start to paint, this will prevent the paint (spray or roll-on) to damage the grass and walls. You can spread sheets on grass and tape the newspapers on the walls to protect them.
  • Then, take a clean rag and wet it with mineral spirits and wipe down the pipe completely. 
  • Now, sand the entire surface of every pipe you are going to paint, because sanding the pipes will prepare the surface of the pipes to grip the paint better, whether it be of any material.
  • Then, apply Primer on the pipes, you can use any type of primer between spray or roll-on primer. Both have good qualities.
  • Then, paint the pipes with paint color. Let the first coat dry for 4-6 hours and apply the second coat of color on it.
That's it, the paint will dry according to your weather condition and humidity condition.

Pipe Covers
Hide Outdoor Pipes of your Home

  • Painting the pipes will blend their color with wall colors, but this can take much of your time and if you change your mind afterwards, it will not be easy to remove that color. 
  • So, the other solution is to hide pipes with Pipe Covers. These colors are easily available in the markets.
  • You can buy pipe covers from market in different design to decorate the pipe area of your walls. Make sure to buy Outdoor pipe covers to save them from ruining from weather changes.
  • You can buy Wooden walls or you can give your own customized design to be prepared for you to cover the pipes completely. This will not only cover the pipes but it will also add beauty to your home outdoor decoration.
  • Foldable Wooden shutters are also available in the market, that can be placed to cover the pipes, they are easily foldable and you can remove them easily to access the pipes. However you have to secure them in storm or windy weather.

Use of Plants
Hide Outdoor Pipes of your Home

  • You can grow the plants in pots and place them in front of the pipes to cover the pipes. This will also add to your home beauty with hiding the pipes.
  • You can plant the Privacy Shrubs around the pipes to completely cover them.
  • Ivy can also be planted to cover the outdoor pipes completely, it will give a natural look to your home. But remember it may not be safe to plant Ivy because it can plant its roots into the cracks in the walls. However if you can take care of it and trim it on time you can go with it. 
  • Remember not to plant English Ivy, because it is banned at some places to plant it.

So, we have shared a superb read with you where you can find that how you can hide outdoor pipes of your home using different methods. You may go with painting pipes, use pipe covers and grow plants to hide the pipes. Hope, this guide would be of help for you, wish you luck.