How to Promote your Art Work Online

As every other profession is becoming online, whether it be a business, teaching profession, clothing, beauty and make up, planting and many other th

 As every other profession is becoming online, whether it be a business, teaching profession, clothing, beauty and make up, planting and many other things. Just like that if you are an artist and do art work, you also need to promote your art work online.

How to Promote your Art Work Online

This guide will be of help to guide you that how you can promote your art work online, an artist may not have enough time to spend on social media, but this read will help you to manage and promote your art work online on different social medias.

How to Promote your Art Work Online

Your online presence is the first thing that you should manage as an artist, then you should have good networking and you must know about how to create online content related to your field.

Be Present Online
How to Promote your Art Work Online

Your online presence can define easily what type of work you do and what are your interests, and how you can be helpful for others with your work. To be present online you will need to follow these given instructions.

Creating Online Portfolio

  • Create you online portfolio related to your art work. This portfolio should show off the best 10 to 15 pieces of your work. The pieces that give the best sense of your style and technique should be shared on your portfolio. After selecting these pieces, give a suitable title, description, medium and size for each piece of your work.


  • You should start a blog to describe and promote your art work. All you have to do is to write about what type of art work you do, what are your interests and what new things you are going to introduce in your art work.
  • Blogging can itself be beneficial for you and it is the best medium to promote your art. Blogger, WordPress and Medium are the most popular blogging services.

Social Media Accounts

  • On how many social medias you are, shows your online presence. Try to create your accounts on different social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumbler, and share you art works on these accounts and update your social media accounts regularly.
  • Posting and updating your social media accounts are very beneficiary, if one single post of your work goes viral on any social media, it can make you the most popular personality ever.
  • Issue a press release can also help you the most. There are different agencies that issue press release about special things, you can contact any good press release agency for this task to be done.

Specialty Websites

  • There are many specialty art websites, that can give you access to the people of your field, who can understand your art the most as you want to make them understand it. 
  • Search online for these specialty art websites and upload your work on many of these sites to make your art reach to the most of the people.

Online Networking
How to Promote your Art Work Online

Find Other Creators

  • To start a good online networking is to be a part of some communities on web, try to find any appealing art community and be a part of it. Post your works on it and get connected to the other persons of your field.
  • There are different communities that give you different guidelines, for getting the best ideas for your work and to promote your work more be a part of some larger community.

Show Responses

  • Don't be a silent member of any social media or specialty art website. Try to be active on your account, and when you see that someone has posted an awesome piece of work, then give it some of your time and leave a comment about what you feel and like to see that work. 
  • Then try to share this great work on other of your social media accounts, this will bring a healthy environment and good will for you among the artist's community.
  • This way you can enhance the number of good artists in your contact and learn a lot from them to promot your art work. As if you will share and follow anyone's art work, the other person will surely share and follow your work.

Community Projects Participation

  • As there are offline gallery opening and street shows held, just like that under online communities, artists often arrange some community projects in which they work together and make these projects an interesting means for the artists to meet up and share their ideas with each other. 
  • Try to participate in such community projects that are related to your style and subjects. If you are following your favorite artists, then you can get informed about such projects on time, don't lose if you find a chance.

Online Competitions

  • A lot of online competitions are held about art works of different types. Let yourself be aware of these competitions and submit your art work in as much competitions as you can. If you will win, there will be a river of promotions for you and you will meet up new and higher groups related to your work.
  • In case you can't win any competition in your first try, don't lose hope and keep on trying, if some judge or promoter gets inspired by your work, you can get a good chance for job and promotion.
  • You can participate in art competitions hosted by Fine Art America and Artists Network.

Create Online Content
How to Promote your Art Work Online

Upload your Art Work

  • If you are trying to promote your art work online, then remeber the much you will post online the more your art work will be promoted. 
  • Make at least one post daily of your work, and leave two or three unfinished versions of each work piece in addtion to the final product.
  • You can also share your favorite srtist's art work on your posts.

Popular Trends

  • You may be a good artist,but if you are unaware of the new and modern trends, you can't get your work be online promoted. 
  • Try to be in touch with new trends in Movies, TV shows, Video games, Music, and new trends on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.
  • Tag your art work according to these trends, so that it will be shown to the more people who are following these new trends.

Your Personality

  • Try to show the good side of your personality, as your personality should be according to your art work. You must be clear about your working styles and concepts.
  • You can share your video recordings, in which you can talk about your interests and how you want to promote any work. Such vlogs can make a good way for online promotion of your art work.
  • You can also share posts about your interests and inspirations on different social medias to engage more people.

So, this guide was to help you about how you can promote your art work online and get more and more fans of your art work. Stay tuned for more updates. You can also learn to start a new business.