What to do to be a Good Housewife

Are you getting married, or thinking about marriage? And you want to know about how is it to be a good housewife, as if you are not going to do any j

 Are you getting married, or thinking about marriage? And you want to know about how is it to be a good housewife, as if you are not going to do any job after marriage and want to spend your time at your home, and think to maintain and take care of your new home and family by yourself.

What to do to be a Good Housewife

You have got t  be on the right place here. We will guide you about how to maintain your home, relationship and family as a good housewife.

What to do to be a Good Housewife

As a housewife you have to maintain your home, and with this you should be careful about your relationship because of which you got the home, and with relationship and family you also have to look after yourself and give proper time to your family/kids.

At Home
What to do to be a Good Housewife

A housewife means a wife who will not go out for any job, will be at home but she will take care and maintain her home by herself. As a housewife you will have to be careful about things like:


  • In your household duties as a housewife, the first and most important thing is the art of cooking. You should be a better cook, if you know cooking then its best, try to cook healthy foods that will keep you and your family healthy and strong.
  • If you don't know how to cook good food, then learn it. You can buy a recipe book, join cooking classes or learn from internet. Because you know that the way to your husband's heart goes through his stomach. So, to have a healthy family and healthy relationship, the art of cooking can help you the most, and you can show your love and care for your family with your cooking experties.

Cleaning of the House

  • To have a good atmosphere and environment at your home, you need to keep your home clean and tidy. Try to do house cleaning with routine, because a clean house will show how much you are careful about your home.


  • As a housewife, you have to do the laundry by yourself, this can be safe and money saving. Just make a schedule on which day you will do the laundry. Once in a week is the best time to do laundry, and this way your home peace will be maintained.

Schedule Making

  • As you are going to decide what to do and how to do, with this you should also decide when to do and make a weekly schedule. If you will have a schedule to follow through out the week, it will get easier to maintain your house.

Waking up 

  • Set a time to wake up in the morning. It is better to wake up early in the morning, as waking up early in the morning keeps you fresh and make you prepare lunch boxes, breakfast and getting your children ready to go for school on time and you can say a loving good bye to your husband when he leaves for his office.

Home Environment

  • With doing all the household chores, make sure to maintain a good environment at your home, as show care and love for all of your family members, and also teach your children the same. A supportive family can have a better home environment.

Your Relationship with your Husband
What to do to be a Good Housewife

While doing the household chores, don't forget about the person because of whome you got in the house. Try to maintain healthy and loving relationship with your husband.


  • Talk to your husband on daily basis, let him know what do you expect from him. Try not to ask for the things that he can never afford. As affordability depends on how is the earning of your husband. 
  • You have to be careful about your husband, as a housewife's duties are different in different cultures, so try to manage your time and duties to fix a good time for your husband.

Self Maintenance

To have a long lasting and loving relationship, it is very important to take care of your self maintenance. Don't forget yourself in other household duties. When your husband comes home from his job, make yourself ready for him, as you have been doing before when you have been sending your beautifully dressed up pictures and getting ready to go for a date with him before marriage. 
Because it makes you look attractive for your partner, if you will forget doing this, your husband will start losing interest in you.

How to Treat your Husband

  • Don't try to control your husband and make him do things on your commands. Let him choose and do what he wants, don't impose your ideas on him. However you can give suggestions with love to him, then leave this up on him how he would like to do.
  • Don't get angry on little things, remeber that your husband has his own personality and want to choose according to him just as you want to do things according to your will.

Listening to your Partner

  • Listen to what your husband wants to share with you carefully, give him full of your attention, this will make him feel how much you do respect, love and care for him. 


  • On some points you may not agree with your husband's point, give him space to speak and make you understand what he is thinking about. Try to understand what he is saying. 
  • And if you get to have some argument on anything, don't stress yourself because of it. having an argument is quite normal, you have your own personality and your husband has his own, as human being you can think differently about different things.

Respect and Love

  • What your husband needs more from you than any thing other is respect and love for him. As a wife you are the best motivational character for him, you can motivate your husband to do more better things in his life with your love and care.
  • Don't behave like a judge with him. Appreciate what he does good for you, and if you find something disagreeable about him, let your husband know about it with maturity and love. Telling each other what you like and dislike can bring good changes in your relationship.

What to Add in your Routine Life
What to do to be a Good Housewife

To live a better life and be a good housewife, you will need to add some better things in your life, doing household chores and waiting for your husband is not enough.

Intimacy in your Relationship

  • Give your husband proper time, as in night time you should be completely your husband's. Don't make yourself too much tired by doing all the household in one day, make a routine and timetable for it, and try to have a good sexual relationship with your husband.
  • Having a good sexual relationship with your husband will keep both of you away from stress and make your bonding more strong every time.

Care for your Husband's Rest

  • As you are busy at home in doing household, just like that your husband remains busy at his job. So, when he gets back home try to comfort him, be closer to him.
  • But as human being if he wants to be alone for some time, let him be alone. Because he needs time for himself just as you need alone time for yourself.

Family Time

  • As a housewife you have to take care of your kids, to make yourself and your family live happy life and not to get bored, try planning some activities at home, or to have a picnic or outing with your kids and your husband. Make this time that you spend with your family, a quality time.

Your Guests

  • While running a home, you should be a great hostess. When you have your own home, people will visit or you will invite them on special occasions. 
  • So, celebrate that special occasions in a special way every time. Decorate your home on different events, make tasty dishes, get yourself and your family dress up nicely according to the event. This will create a healthy environment at your home.

Home Atmosphere

  • You can improve atmosphere of your home by setting up your home following a good theme. Little changes can create an attractive atmosphere that will make your home look better.
  • A good atmosphere at home keeps your family happy and motivated as it creates healthy enviornment for your kids and husband, and you feel to be relaxed.

Help your Husband to be Active

  • You can help your husband to be active, don't make him to stay at home all the time after office or job. Make him go out and do some physical activity, this will make him fit and fine as well as it will make him happy. 
  • Be at home all the time can drag him and you to stressed life.

Self Care
What to do to be a Good Housewife

While you are doing so much for others, do some for yourself too, you also need yourself. And remeber if you are healthy, happy and have positivity, then you can bring happiness, care, love and positivity for your family.

Going Out

  • Don't make yourself bound to be at home 24/7. JUST as other family members need time for them to be relaxed, you also need the same. IT is necessary for your mental and physical health. 
  • Go out once in a week for one or two hours. Visit any of your favorite place, a library, coffee shop or to go to some of your friend. Or to be with yourself in a park. 


  • Don't forget that you have friends after getting married. It is obvious that housewives remain busy at home and don't have enough time. 
  • But try to manage your time and talk to your friends on phone or meet them. This will make you feel alive and happy.

Your Hobby

  • You might had some hobby before getting married, don't forget about that. When you are free and have nothing to do, go and start working for it. As doing something as your hobby makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. Your hobby will always be a loving experience for you, so don't forget about it.


  • After doing your household chores, try to read any book or join any online session according to your interest. Because educating yourself does not mean to read syllabus and course books, there are many other things that should be learnt. And remember, there is no limit of age to get educated.

Do Some Job

  • Being a housewife does not mean that you can do nothing other than household chores. If you are talented and educated, or you know any art, you can start doing work on it. You can work from home, do some online job, or prepare pieces of art and sell them. There is a lot that you can do and earn money.

Teach your Family to Take Care of You

  • You are a human being like all of your other family members, if they have vacations and one or two days off every week, then you also need a break. Sometimes your family will ask you to do rest and they will perform your duty once in a month. But if they don't think any thing like this, you should set a specific day for them and ask them to do what you do. 
  • This activity will be enjoyable and create a caring environment and make your family feel about your existence and how much hard work you do for them daily. You should teach good manners to your children.

So, this read was to help you to be the best housewife. Hope this read would be of your interest.