Newborn Baby Shopping - What to Buy

Do you have Good News? Congratulations for becoming a mom and dad soon. It seems to be a very special feeling to be a parent, specially for the first

 Do you have Good News? Congratulations for becoming a mom and dad soon. It seems to be a very special feeling to be a parent, specially for the first time, when you hear this news you start planning to collect as much as you can for your baby.

Newborn Baby Shopping - What to Buy

But being a wise parent, you need guide about what to buy for your up coming baby. Because it is a wise decision to to shopping for your new born before baby's birth, because you can't make everything available in emergency on the day of baby's birth.

Newborn Baby Shopping - What to Buy

So, here we have shared a guide to help you what you will need and what you should buy for your newborn to be comfortable.

Baby's Clothing

The first thing that we think about and want to buy is clothes for the newborn. Moms have greater attachment to the first clothes of their babies. Follow the guide to buy clothes for your baby:

  • The first clothes that you will be using for first 2 or 3 months for your baby should be comfortable and easy to change for you and baby. So you should go with Sleepsuits, having buttons and easy openings on the front from neck to ankle. Choose soft fabrics.
  • Buy comfortable and soft fabric Tops for your baby, avoid buying Tops that have buttons on the back, choose the front opening Tops. It will be easier for you to change and also will be comfortable for the baby. Buy 5 to 6 sets for your newborn.
  • Then come the sets of Socks and Caps, buy at least 3 pairs of cotton Socks and 2 or 3 Caps. Your newborn's head should be covered after birth. Choose the stuff according to the weather.
  • You should also buy a Swaddle cloth or blanket to wrap and cover your newborn after birth. It will protect the baby from cold. 

Baby Feeding Essentials

As a new mom, you will be recommended to breastfeed your newborn. So, you should be metally prepare for this thing as well as what things you may need to feed your baby, whether you are going to breastfeed your baby or following the other way.

  • For feeding, the first thing you should consider is mom's clothes. You should buy light and good quality nursing bras, night wear and tops, that should be loose enough for breastfeeding. Choose your clothes in dark color shades. And must have a good Nipple Cream, that will be helpful if your skin gets damaged.
  • Then come the breas pumps, you should buy a breast pump according to your budget.
  • If you are going to use bottle feeder for your baby, then you must have a sterilizer to protect your baby's bottle feeder from germs.
  • Buy a good quality feeding bottle for your newborn.
  • You will also need brushes to clean feeding bottle, also buy these brushes.
  • To save your baby and baby's clothes from getting stained and wet every time you feed your baby, you shoud buy Bibs and Muslin cloths.

Baby's Bedding

The next important thing is where the newborn will be sleeping after birth. So, you should prepare bedding for your newborn. You may consider the following ideas:

  • The first thing for baby's bedding is the mattress and crib, and you should also buy pillows to place on the sides of baby when the baby will go to sleep. You can place your newborn's bedding on your bed, by making a little space for your angel.
  • Then come the blankets and sheets, buy a comfortable blanket to cover your baby and sheets to keep the baby's bedding dry.
  • Buy a mosquito net to protect your newborn from insects and mosquitos.
  • If you are going to make your baby sleep in nursery, you will need a Baby Monitor also and a crib.

Baby's Diapering

Along with feeding and sleeping, diapering is also one of the most important things to care about for your newborn. So, you should prepare for it before baby's birth:

  • Don't go with buying bundles of diapers for your newborn, instead buy 2 or 3 sample packs of different brands, try them, and then buy the bundle of the diaper's brand that suits your baby.
  • Buy cotton nappies for your baby, there are reuseable and with biodegradeable lining nappies in the market, that could be a good option for you.
  • You should also buy a Rash Cream, which you may need at any time for your baby. Consult some specialist to know the good brand of the rash cream according to your area and climate.
  • You can not wash your baby's bottom everytime, so to keep the baby's bottom clean buy Wet Wipes that are gentle and have good protectors from germs. You may try different brands, and go with the one that suits your baby's skin.
  • You should also buy Changing Mats to keep your bed and other things to get wet while changing baby's diaper.
  • To collect dirty diapers and wipes, you should have separate Dustbin and Garbage bags.

Baby Cleaning and Bathing

Now, let's talk about how you will clean and bath your newborn, it is confusing for new moms, they feel nervous about such things. Here are the things you will need for your baby's cleaning and bathing:

  • The first thing, to avoid and accident while bath time of your baby, is to buy a Bath Tub. Choose the tub according to the size of your baby and your comfort in good material. There are also foldable tubs available in market that can be handy while traveling.
  • Towel is an essential. Buy 2 or 3 cotton, soft, and light colored towels for your newborn.
  • Buy Baby Wash and Shampoo of a good brand, the shampoo and baby wash should be mild, tear free and fragrance free. Buy the small packs, if the brand will suit your baby, then go and buy the bigger packs.
  • Keep in mind to give a gentle massage to your baby. For this you will need to buy a Massage oil for your baby, you should also buy a Hair Oil for your newborn. You can go with almond or coconut oil. Or choose the oil that your Doctor will recommend.
  • To protect your baby's skin from harsh weather, ask your Doctor to suggest you some good Baby Cream and buy it.
  • As a tip, we will suggest you to have a bag, having the space to hold some diapers, feeding bottle, a set of clothes and some wipes of your baby, for traveling.

So, this was all to help you if you are going to be a parent very soon and looking for how you should do shopping and what to buy for your newborn. Hope this guide would be of help for you. Stay blessed.