Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies of Pakistan

Pharmaceuticalcompanies in a country, makes the people of the country to avail the best health care medicines with ease. Here we are going to introdu

 Pharmaceuticalcompanies in a country, makes the people of the country to avail the best health care medicines with ease. Here we are going to introduce top 10 Pharmaceutical Compies in Pakistan which are making medicines to treat people and give healthy and better life.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies of Pakistan
Medicine is one of the basic needs for human as well as for other living beings. The pharmaceautical companies are trying their best to make people live better and healthy.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies of Pakistan

Here we are going to share the list of the top 10 pharmaceutical compnies in Pakistan that have made their names with great and inspiring hardwork in field of medicine and health.

 1. GlaxoSimth Kline Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

The Glaxo Smith Kline company Ltd is on the 1st number in the rank line of the best pharmaceuticalcompanies of Pakistan. Breath, Vaccine, Infective, Gastrointestinal, Analgesics, Oncology, Urology, Important Anxiety Disorders, Hypertension, Dermatological, Cardiovascular and Vitamin Therapy Company is growing with its hard work. This is the oldest medicine company of Pakistan and is doing the best for the country.

2. Sami Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

Belief of the Sami Pharmaceutical Company is that quality should be created in the finished product from the beginning. The company is much active and known for best researches.  SAMI continues to research and monitor better products and is standing on the 2nd number among the top pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan.

3. Getz Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

Getz Pharmaceutical Company, established in 1995 with 45 workers has made its place among the top medicine companies of Pakistan, the company has a small revenue base with no international operation. The Getz Pharmaceutical Company revolutionized with highly qualified 5700 people. Getz is best known for making world class generic brands.

 4. Abbott Laboratories Pakistan

Abbott is known as a Global healthcare agency, it is the more trusted company. The company has 2 product branches in Karachi (Korangi) and (Landhi). There are 1500 workers working in the company. The company began Operation in Pakistan as a Marketing Association in 1948, and now serving the nation with much better and trusted products.

5. Halton Pharma Company Ltd

Halton Pharma is Largest Pharmaceutical Organization of Pakistan.The company is also a member of an innovative group of corporations, made work ethics, and is authentic in researches for the best brands introduced by this company.

6. Searle Company Pakistan

The Searle Company was started on 05 October 1945 in Pakistan. The company knows for a small manufacturing facility in SITE. Aldactone, Lomotil, Diodoquin, Ovulen, Neomycin Sulfate, Probanthine, and Hydryllin started. The company is serving in all over the country.

 7. Ferozsons Pharmaceutical Company

This company is the showcase of the hard work of its workers. The Ferozsons Company is the only corporation in Pakistan that has an agreement with worldwide partners of distribution.This company has introduced the products gastroenterology, herpetology, cardiology, and oncology, with a rising presence in the diabetes space.

8. Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company

 Pfizer was established in 1959, since then the company is serving with the best products. Initially, the company collaborated with local distributors but eventually expanded its distribution network with the rapid manufacturing of products in 1961. Pfizer has a big name in the medicine industry of Pakistan.

9. Bayer Pharmaceutical Company

The Bayer Pharmaceutical Company is Know for healthcare and agriculture, and has introduced many useful products. The company holds a reputation for 150 Years in history. The company works in the medical world with authentic research.

10. Wyethpharmacy Pakistan Ltd

Wyeth Pakistan was established in 1949 in Pakistan and has made a big name in the medical world. The employer is engaged in the manufacturing and advertising of research-based totally moral specialties and other pharmaceutical products. The company is known for its best products that can be used to maintain good health.

So, this reasearch based article was to help you know about the top 10 pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan that are working really hard to make the people of the nation to live a healthy and happy life.

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